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Lose the labels

My personal resolution for this year will be to stop putting political labels on people. It'll be a great resolution if I can stick to it, and I recommend everyone else do the same. That goes for the news media, especially – we all need to stop using labels like Democrat and Republican and conservative or progressive or radical or liberal as a verbal shortcut, as a sloppy attempt to define what one person's beliefs might be. This show of restraint should apply especially to everyone elected to a public office. They themselves should not refer to their party affiliation, and neither should we. The press should only do so if it's relevant to a story being told, not just do it routinely. Those little (D) and (R) icons by every representative's name on your screens and in print are not necessary and often misleading. Campaigning as a party member can help politicians win elections and may even be necessary in most parts of the country, but from the first moment that every…