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Surviving Politics

Getting a little tired of politics yet? It seems as if every screen you see these days has a political headline screaming out at you. Turn up the volume and a gaggle of pundits will be arguing with each other over the importance of somebody else's tweet. Casual conversations among friends about the topic of the moment suddenly turn political, ending in anger or disgust.
Deep in the woods of the Coast Range we have Internet access and cable and satellite TV, so we stay decently informed of news of the day. From here, 21st Century politics are a strange show to watch. Not because we’re any kind of hillbillies or such – most of us are sensible, reasonable folks who happen to have just a little bit of hermit in us. 
We simply don’t care a whole lot because there’s nothing reasonable about American politics these days. There are far better things to do in life than learn the intricacies of a game that’s obviously rigged, or play the role of taxpaying rube to a bunch of Capitol carnies an…