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Short Bits 01

Here's the first of what I hope will be regular posts containing small nuggets of fact-checked info you probably won't find on the news source of your choice, whatever that choice may be...For a mid-term election, 2018 showed a very high turnout of at least at 116 million voters, which is about half of the voting-eligible population. By comparison, only 83 millionpeople voted in 2014 and some 135 million in the 2016 presidential election.
Some Republicans including Trump tend to demonize rich guy George Soros, but in 2004, Soros lent Donald Trump a cool $160 million to help with the construction of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago.  Steven Mnuchin also worked for the George Soros-backed SFM Capital Management and for Soros Fund Management LLC. 
In 2009, the  Trump Foundation gave $100,000 to the William J.Clinton Foundation. The following year Trump’s foundation gave another $10,000 to the same foundation.
The U.S. National Security Agency collected 534 million re…