The Label/Tag Culture War

Hi there. I’m a Label. My entire political and social philosophy is built upon Label principles. My friends are all Labels, too, because I only like people who think like me. I agree with everything our Leading Labels say. I never publicly disagree with another Label even if I disagree in private, which almost never happens, because Labels always have the best ideas. I get my news from Label news sources only, because the others only tell lies. Labels are the true American patriots. I always vote for fellow Labels, and I don’t really care what they say or do as long as they promote Label philosophy.
I avoid having any conversations with a Tag. Tags are not like labels in any way. They think completely different than Labels, and Tags all believe the same things. They slavishly listen to Tag Leaders even though those leaders are always wrong. They only watch Tag news, which is always wrong or deliberately false. Tags don’t love America the way Labels do, and some of them are actually evil. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot a Tag when you see one, especially when you’re a Label.
So, where do you stand? Don’t try and claim that when it comes to politics, you’re a Sign. That’s just a copout. Signs never accomplish anything. They don’t say much and they don’t stay around for long. When you pretend to be a Sign, you’re just wasting everyone’s time, including your own. Signs are always changing their message and nobody knows what a Sign might say next. Signs don’t even have leaders, really, because Signs fade away so quickly. They have no place in the Label vs Tag war that has enveloped our Nation.

So make your choice. Either be a Label or be a Tag, but choose one and stand your ground. Don’t let facts or circumstances change anything you believe or anything you’ve been told to believe and follow your leaders wherever they go, as a good soldier always should…


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