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How to steal an election

If you were planning to steal an election, our long history of rigging the popular vote can help you. Controlling who counts the votes and how those votes get counted is the most direct and effective way of election thievery – especially when votes are cast, counted and stored by digital machines. Decades ago, with our typical enthusiasm for technology, Americans accepted voting machines – first mechanical, then electronic, now digital and tomorrow wireless – as a valid replacement for paper ballots. We were wrong. It's bad enough when machines malfunction, but storing votes on hard drives offers thieves an easy way to steal. They just need a few minutes of access to machines before an election to install malicious software, or similar access to storage drives after votes have been cast. That access is available to whichever political party controls a state government. It's much, much harder to rig elections that rely on paper ballots marked with a pencil. Lots of volunteers help…