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The Bill Of No Rights

You have a right to privacy under the Constitution, but you have very little privacy in your life these days, and the Constitution can’t help you get more.

I used to joke with people that because I had been placed on a government No-Fly list, they should assume that all my phone calls and emails were being recorded. And I was right – because as it turns out, almost everyone’s email and phone messages are being recorded. What was once just a common delusion among paranoid schizophrenics is now a significant part of our reality.

How I ended up a watch list is irrelevant. It’s also not clear to me exactly how it happened, or who decided that it should happen, although publishing editorials that accused the Bush/Cheney administration of committing war crimes under international law may have been a factor. I just assumed I was subject to surveillance and behaved accordingly.

But someone may be listening to you these days, too, and it’s not because you’re communicating with me. When you use…