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Hanging On By Tooth And Nail

Paul Wolfowitz is being advised to resign his position at the World Bank by almost everyone with connections past or present to that organization. He won't quit, however, until he's forced into doing so to avoid being indicted for corruption.
Alberto Gonzales is being advised by people on both sides of the political spectrum to step down as Attorney General. He has the full support of his immediate supervisors, however, so he has no plans to walk away, even when he's being told that he can no longer be effective in his job by some of the same folks who supported his nomination. Gonzales will be sacrificed once it becomes necessary, but not until his presence threatens the ongoing attempt to impose a neoconservative dominance on the American government.
The Vice President, Dick Cheney, has less credibility than any VP since Spiro Agnew. Even Dan Quayle held a higher level of respect from the general public that Cheney does. He won't be quitting, of course – and no matter …