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Fear Not

From where I sit, here in the woods of Oregon, it's looking pretty ugly out across the country towards the South and East.

The weather is brutal and the political climate reeks of decay.
People are choosing sides once again, as another round of Us vs Them gets ready to rumble.
Believers in Doomsday feel the Rapture of Armageddon approaching, getting anxious as the fulfillment of both their deepest fear and greatest wish is at hand.
The concept of government has been eroded, fundamentally altered beyond repair, perhaps, done with deliberate intent.
Idol-worshipping false Christian "leaders" sanction the killing of innocents.
American bombs and rockets are used around the world, by Americans or by others, to kill more innocents.
The Truth is being told in a few places, but few are listening.
Lies are being repeated everywhere and accepted by too many as if true.
Fear still rules the lives of far too many, as is still used as a Control Mechanism by too many.

Yet I can turn away from …