Transnational Empire

One of the most important stories of the past year is the continued construction of permanent US military bases in Iraq, and it's been largely ignored by mainstream American media. Since May of last year, American troops are being consolidated into four large military bases that cover miles of desert, have hardened runways, inground swimming pools, bowling alleys, fast-food franchises and Internet and cable TV inside their concrete buildings.

The permanent US embassy compound in Baghdad's current "Green Zone" will house over 1,000 people, have walls up to 15 feet thick and is already completely independent of the surrounding infrastructure for fresh water and power.

None of this is secret; the plans for building what have always appeared to be permanent bases have long been known to anyone who was paying attention. Military officials even refer to these bases as "long-term access facilities", which translates into real language quite easily as "permanent bases".

It's not even much of a secret why these bases are being built; the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz/Perle junta always denied that the US was building bases, but their primary guiding document, a Project For a New American Century report, calls for exactly the kind of permanent presence that is being built.

Iraq is the future Middle Eastern outpost for the world's first true global Empire – but it won't be an American empire. It won't be controlled any single country. It may appear to be a consortium of countries led by the US, much like Bush's "coalition of the willing" that invaded Iraq – but the New World Order will be controlled by a geopolitical force that transcends nationality.

In terms a historian might use, it will be a Trans-National Corporate Hegemony that uses the marketplace to dominate the politics of countries. It's been an Empire on the quick rise since the day that China finally agreed to play along – but the Chinese people remain a sleeping giant that, if awakened, will change the world in a far different way.

That's the not-so-secret plan behind the invasion of Iraq. That's why billions of our dollars are being spent building permanent US military bases in Iraq.

By the way, you and I weren't supposed to pay for those bases in the original plan. Iraq has lots of oil, and the neocons thought they could sell a few million barrels to finance their plan once they controlled the country. Bad planning, yet someone must pay for the mistakes that were made. That someone is us...

The question is: why isn't this being written about by the mainstream press and discussed on television news programs? There've been a few letters to editors published in some papers that raise questions about those bases, but simply no mention at all on broadcast news of these massive projects with alarming implications.

The failure to properly report on this storyis one of the great failures of the American press in my lifetime, and perhaps the greatest ever. As much as I miss reading the news on a printed page, when it comes to national and global news, that era is nearly dead. Broadcast news died out a long time ago, leaving cyberspace as the new frontier for journalism and news reporting.

Considering the new energy and audience that many hard-working Internet journalists are gaining from this new form of publishing the news, it may be a key ingridient in ending the New World Order before it fully takes root.

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