Let's pay attention to what really matters, please

It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference who owns the port management companies in America; it certainly makes no difference if ownership is British or Arab, with headquarters in London or Dubai. None of that matters, as some 80% of American ports are managed already by companies that claim corporate residency outside the US.

And few of those ports are secure, if any. That's not the fault of the management companies – security is handled by US officials at various levels, and they have neither the personnel, resources or political will to make the port entry system secure.

If we want secure ports, we need to tell the Bush administration to stop building permanent military bases in Iraq and invest that money in cargo inspections and port security in the US. But that's not a real issue, not in comparison to the increased use by the US military of jets and helicopters to deliver airstrikes – rockets and bombs – into neighborhoods where suspected insurgents may be hiding.

The civilian death toll as a direct result of US military air assaults is likely to be well over 100,000 during the past two years. That's the most tragic crime to emerge from the US occupation and invasion of Iraq.

It's also the story that your television and daily paper won't talk about in any way. We all owe the innocent Iraqi dead the honor of not forgetting their deaths when being distracted by the media choice of some easier story – or non-story – to report.

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