Do Your Job

The attempt by the Bush administration to expand the powers of the presidency, and the neoconservative philosophy that drives that attempt, are exactly the kind of imperial ambitions that our political system of checks and balances was designed to prevent. Elected representatives across the land have failed to fulfill that duty.

That's our fault, collectively, because We The People haven't demanded that our Senators and Representatives actually do their jobs.

I urge everyone to do exactly that, regardless of your political persuasion. The Constitution is at stake; our way of life is more threatened by the fear and greed amongst our own elected officials than by any terrorist group.

I've been sending this message to anyone who will listen to it, and I urge you to do the same. I've added a sample letter below that my representaives have received, as an example of how I'm calling for an inquiry by Congress.

"If the American Congress can bring articles of impeachment against a sitting president for lying to the American people, as was rightfully done with President Clinton, then justice demands that President Bush be held to that same standard. This country has been damaged by lies spoken repeatedly by the president and vice-president, and by criminal behavior that other administration officials have commited with sanction from their superiors. If your presence in Congress has any meaning at all, you must do the unpleasant and politically hazardous work of holding the administration accountable for their actions on behalf of all Americans."

It really doesn't matter how you choose express your feelings; it only matters that you do. It's part of your responsibility as a citizen to demand that elected officials behave as they should – and it's the very least that you can do...

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