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Idiots Abounding

We The People must be a nation of idiots, because we elected a president who either is an idiot himself or thinks that we are. You can tell in his few unscripted appearances on television or taking questions from the press corp – those rare occasions when his audience is not carefully restricted to folks supportive of his policies.

Here's just one example from his press conference earlier this week:

George Bush:"You know, we used to think we were secure because of oceans and previous diplomacy. But we realized on September the 11th, 2001, that killers could destroy innocent life..."

Is he really that naive? Or does he think that we are? The World Trade Center was bombed once before by Islamic extremists; does he think we all had forgotten that? Does he really expect us to forgive him for having forgotten that important bit of recent history?

That incredible comment came during the middle part Bush's reply to a question from Helen Thomas, the senior AP correspondent and W…

Transnational Empire

One of the most important stories of the past year is the continued construction of permanent US military bases in Iraq, and it's been largely ignored by mainstream American media. Since May of last year, American troops are being consolidated into four large military bases that cover miles of desert, have hardened runways, inground swimming pools, bowling alleys, fast-food franchises and Internet and cable TV inside their concrete buildings.

The permanent US embassy compound in Baghdad's current "Green Zone" will house over 1,000 people, have walls up to 15 feet thick and is already completely independent of the surrounding infrastructure for fresh water and power.

None of this is secret; the plans for building what have always appeared to be permanent bases have long been known to anyone who was paying attention. Military officials even refer to these bases as "long-term access facilities", which translates into real language quite easily as "permanent…

Do Your Job

The attempt by the Bush administration to expand the powers of the presidency, and the neoconservative philosophy that drives that attempt, are exactly the kind of imperial ambitions that our political system of checks and balances was designed to prevent. Elected representatives across the land have failed to fulfill that duty.

That's our fault, collectively, because We The People haven't demanded that our Senators and Representatives actually do their jobs.

I urge everyone to do exactly that, regardless of your political persuasion. The Constitution is at stake; our way of life is more threatened by the fear and greed amongst our own elected officials than by any terrorist group.

I've been sending this message to anyone who will listen to it, and I urge you to do the same. I've added a sample letter below that my representaives have received, as an example of how I'm calling for an inquiry by Congress.

"If the American Congress can bring articles of impeachment …

Let's pay attention to what really matters, please

It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference who owns the port management companies in America; it certainly makes no difference if ownership is British or Arab, with headquarters in London or Dubai. None of that matters, as some 80% of American ports are managed already by companies that claim corporate residency outside the US.

And few of those ports are secure, if any. That's not the fault of the management companies – security is handled by US officials at various levels, and they have neither the personnel, resources or political will to make the port entry system secure.

If we want secure ports, we need to tell the Bush administration to stop building permanent military bases in Iraq and invest that money in cargo inspections and port security in the US. But that's not a real issue, not in comparison to the increased use by the US military of jets and helicopters to deliver airstrikes – rockets and bombs – into neighborhoods where suspected insurgents may be hiding.