Some Light At Last

I haven't written anything political for nearly three weeks now. I've been watching, listening, and trying to be patient as the grand illusion created by the Bush administration finally begins to lose its hold on a majority of the American public.
I've been listening to Senators and Representatives speak of impeachment. I heard the President admit that he committed an impeachable offense against the citizenry.
I watched this same President claim that "we are winning" in the everybody-loses invasion and makeover of a country that didn't even exist a century ago, and would not exist today as a political entity if the people who actually live in the region could choose their own destiny.
I'm trying oh, so, hard to remain patient with the hundreds of pundits and bloggers who act as if they're shocked to learn that this administration is spying on innocent citizens in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.
And I'm seeking the path of forgiveness when it comes to those journalists who know much more truth than they are willing to print; those who have known a great deal for a very long time, yet remained silent.
I'm not getting my hopes up that there will actually be an impeachment of George W. Bush. He was re-elected largely because the American people have never been willing to change presidents during Times of War. An actual impeachment during this never-ending, militarily unwinnable War on Terror seems most unlikely.
But there is hope. Impeachment, although it would come too late to save the uncounted thousands of dead human beings in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a necessary first step in restoring the American Republic to the American People. It's a step that seemed unthinkable just one year ago, but the word has been spoken aloud in the halls of Congress by nearly a dozen elected officials now.
Bush's admission that he violated the Fourth Amendment by ordering the NSA to spy on American citizens is an impeachable offense according to John Dean, who knows this subject area quite well. The irony is that this matter involves the same kind of overkill that brought Nixon to his knees in the White House, begging Henry Kissinger to pray with him.
The NSA not only has a secret court that will grant any warrant they request within hours or even minutes, they don't even need to wait for a warrant to wiretap or eavesdrop on anyone suspected of anything – they're allowed to seek a warrant after the fact.
Ordering secret, unauthorized surveillance was not only illegal, it was completely unnecessary. It may prove to be Bush's downfall, just as the unnecessary retaliation against Joseph Wilson by outing his wife, CIA operative Valerie Plame, cost Lewis Libby his job, and will probably cost Karl Rove his position as well.
There's gonna be some interesting political theater to watch in the months ahead, folks, and I'll be playing close attention. I don't necessarily enjoy watching it unfold, but there is some pleasure in seeing all this stuff that was known but never revealed finally coming to light.

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