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Some Light At Last

I haven't written anything political for nearly three weeks now. I've been watching, listening, and trying to be patient as the grand illusion created by the Bush administration finally begins to lose its hold on a majority of the American public.
I've been listening to Senators and Representatives speak of impeachment. I heard the President admit that he committed an impeachable offense against the citizenry.
I watched this same President claim that "we are winning" in the everybody-loses invasion and makeover of a country that didn't even exist a century ago, and would not exist today as a political entity if the people who actually live in the region could choose their own destiny.
I'm trying oh, so, hard to remain patient with the hundreds of pundits and bloggers who act as if they're shocked to learn that this administration is spying on innocent citizens in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.
And I'm seeking the path of forgiveness when …

So much blood shed...

A vast amount of blood has been spilled in Iraq during the past fifteen years. Beginning with our response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and continuing today, some five thousand American citizens and soldiers have been killed. During that same time at least 100,000 Iraqi citizens have been killed by American weapons – possibly many more.

Some of those now-dead Iraqi were soldiers or extremists engaged in battle with US military forces, but they're only a small percentage of the total.

Some of the dead were, from their perspective, simply defending their country from an invading force. They were not terrorists, not even insurgents – just people defending their homes and cities, their land and their families.

Some were seekers of vengeance – the survivors of an American assault that killed someone they loved, or who watched their child die from a lack of medical care that was once available, before the US invasion of Iraq began.

But most of the Iraqis who have died a violent death du…