Judge Not, Lest Ye Become A Judge

GWB has chosen as his newest Supreme Court Justice a person who has never been a judge. She'll fit right in with the new Chief Justice, who was never even an Associate Justice before assuming the leadership of the Court. She can join the FEMA Director who was never involved in emergency planning before his appointment – the one who quit after his inexperience was publicized. They can all hold hands with the World Bank president who has no history of financial management and the UN Ambassador who has no diplomacy skills of any kind.
GWB believes in the practice of putting untrained people in places of responsibility – after all, it's worked for him. He was handed an oil company when he had no business experience, and although he ran it into the ground, it somehow sold for a huge profit. With some help, he leveraged that profit into part-ownership of a baseball team. After he got bored with the business side of baseball, GWB sold his share of the team for an excellent profit.
Then he ran for Governor of Texas, and won. That lead him right into the White House, despite any skill or ability to handle either job.
Hard to argue against that kind of track record... until a disaster comes along, like a hurricane or an insurgency...

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