A Cowardly War

If Congress can hold hearings to discover the truth about steroid use among professional baseball players, it should certainly hold hearings to determine the truth about the Bush administration's justifications for invading Iraq.

We have allowed the current government to commit extreme violence, supposedly on our behalf. Under the false premise of protecting our personal safety, our military has killed untold thousands of completely innocent Iraqi people.

We have allowed the use of depleted uranium in the weaponry fired by our soldiers, poisoning the earth for generations for the people who live there, as well as our own soldiers.

We allow our CIA operatives to abduct people, to detain and interrogate them, while wearing black hoods and gloves in order to remain anonymous and unaccountable.

It's all being done in the name of safety, in the cause of freedom; we are allowing terrible things to happen to innocents in our desire for the illusion of safety.

We can never win a war on terrorism. History shows it can't be done; our own history as a nation confirms that fact. Yet we continue to allow our President to make that claim – "We're Winning The War On Terror" – and pretend that it's possible to be true.

When a human being is determined to use murder and self-sacrifice as the defining statement of their life, then they will find a way to make it happen.

And now we are allowing military recruiters to operate inside our high schools. We are allowing our children to be sacrificed in this war effort.

Bush says that we must fight terrorists in Iraq so that we don't have to fight them here. The British public heard them same line from Tony Blair, yet their subway system was attacked twice in two weeks. Those who claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings and failed attempts stated that Britain's military presence in Iraq was their justification for the attacks.

The War On terror is the latest in the long line of perpetual war that this country has maintained for fifty years. We We fight wars on the domestic front as well as on foreign soil - the Drug War is into its fourth decade now, with no real change in the situation and no end in sight.

Our perspective is so out of balance that we threaten sick people who would benefit from using cannabis with a jail sentence for seeking relief from their pain – and jail, too, for the person who provided the patient with the herb.

Meanwhile, we allow the sale of sleeping pills, sexual aids and anti-depressants on television – because somehow, if it comes in a pill, a drug has moral respectability. Many of those drugs have the potential for nasty side effects, but because that fact is mentioned briefly in the ads, it's considered fine. The ads even recommend that we "tell our doctor" about the latest drug

Bush wanted democracy in Iraq, and he will end up getting one - only it will be a pro-Iranian, Islamic government comprised largely of Shiite Muslims who are not friendly to the US. They haven't forgotten that Bush's father failed to support their attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein in 1991, and they remember the three hundred thousand Shiites who died while the US military command stood by and watched from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

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