Aloha, and welcome...

Folks who've read my writing from my years at the Haleakala Times on Maui keep telling me that I should be blogging. This is new to me, but why not? Another opportunity to rant is difficult to pass up...
My wife Karen and I moved to the coastal hills of Oregon at the end of April, and we've been renovating a house built in 1930, located in the Blachly township, in Lake Creek Valley about 45 minutes west of Eugene.
I've not done much writing since leaving Maui. because we've been a bit preoccupied with making this place comfortable. Once I get this blog up to full speed, however, I hope you'll find it an interesting place to visit. I'll be posting my thoughts along with info gathered around the world to try and encourage folks to make this world a better place.
Please feel free to open a dialogue on any subject you wish, and we'll see what develops...
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