Who pays for all this?

By the time you read this, the total debt of the federal government may have reached 20 trillion dollars. Add in all of the estimated state and local government debts and America owes somebody nearly $25 trillion. But that's not enough; Congress is coming back into session in September and will probably raise its self-imposed debt limit in order to borrow some more. They always have before.
There's no question who gets the bill for the interest on that debt every year: we all do. Who's paying down that debt? Nobody at all. No president or Congress has lowered the national debt for more than half a century...
The cost of nearly 17 years of American military operations in Afghanistan is hard to calculate, but it's more than one trillion dollars. That amount will keep growing every day, because there's no real change coming in our overseas commitments.
There's plenty of room to argue over what we're doing in a land long known as the Graveyard of Empires – maybe we need our soldiers to fight and die there, or perhaps we should bring them all home – but there's never been enough discussion of how we pay for staying.
The long-term expense will be staggering. A Brown University study published last year found that since 2001, the total cost for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria combined with the lifetime cost of caring for veterans of those military operations could exceed 5 trillion dollars after all the bills have come due.
And there's plenty more to come. President Trump has ramped up the military presence and airstrikes in “...every combat theater he inherited from President Obama," said Micah Zenko, an expert in military operations at the Council on Foreign Relations after Trump’s speech about Afghanistan last week...
The cost for Secret Service protection when Trump stays at his golf resorts and for protecting his extended family as they travel around doing private business is almost as much as the family has earned since the inauguration – as far as we know. Although the taxpayer cost is very clear and the Secret Service has already burned through its annual budget, the Trump family finances are not clear at all. Despite claims of great wealth, however, they don't seem inclined to pay anything for their own protection...
In the category of new expenses, Trump seems determined to build the southern border wall he promised during his campaign. The cost will run between $15 - $25 billion, it will take two years to plan and another two years to build, according to a report from the Bernstein Research organization that tracks the materials costs of projects. That doesn't include the cost of buying the land under the wall, an amount that is completely unknown.
Who'll be paying for all of that? It won't be Mexico. I've not asked, but I doubt that a single Mexican citizen supports paying even one peso for it, and based on his own words, Trump also knows that isn't going to happen.
We can't raise that kind of revenue through trade manipulations or border taxes, either. So one way or another, the People will foot the bill. Nevertheless, Trump declared that he's willing to shut down the government in order to force Congress to pony up whatever cash is needed.
Not everyone agrees.
“When you control the presidency, the Senate and the House, you’re shutting down the government that you’re running”, Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma told Reuters in a recent interview. "I don’t think it’s smart politically and I don’t think it would succeed practically.”
By the way, Cole is a Republican, for those who think that partisanship is all that matters in politics. It might be best, however, if folks spent a lot more time asking how we're going to pay our bills rather than blaming one party or the other for creating them.

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